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The medical and recreational marijuana industry in Canada and the United states is growing at a rapid pace. Marijuana times strives to be part of this community that is growing to help people medicate naturally by supplying strains of highest quality at the most affordable prices. We take pride in our supply chain  and bringing shipments right to your door steps with our super reliable shipping options. Checkout directly on our site or feel free to chat with our friendly Budtenders who are available 24/7 at your service through our ever available live chat

Our collection of California weed,  Colorado wood and BCbud, makes produce for CBD isolates and ever changing collection of specially flavored derivatives make our makes the difference between our shop and any other store. Order marijuana from Marijuana times dispensary to integrate quality, legal and compliant goods from our shop. We’ve teamed up with the best farmers and manufacturers. We’re indeed the first to create the special relationship between farmers, manufacturers and the end consumer in a seamless way. We follow  standards in the consumption and distribution. that’s why i’ll say you’re in good company

Rated 4.5 out of 5
Marijuana times is the best. I've been a very heavy smoker for many years now, so I can almost always handle a little chronic. That being said, after taking a hit of this strain, I proceed to be very "wrecked". For some reason every time I smoke this strain one


Rated 5 out of 5
Grrreat. Yo Marijuana Times, can we get Purple Cat Piss Details page tho thank you look foward to seeing purple cat piss in the new strains . My Review is for Purple Cat Piss. Whoa this Green Thumb Gardens Purple Piss I got From Hah Cafe UW Seattle is Wonderful

Brad Owen

Rated 5 out of 5
What an interesting strain. Based off the reviews,I was not pleased to be receiving my batch. Half of a hit later, I am happy I made this choice. The smell is not as bad as people exaggerated, nor is the taste. It has a strong dank smell but not something


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